About the Minor


The Center for Critical Intelligence Studies has collaborated with the Rutgers School of Arts and Sciences Political Science Department to establish a minor in Critical Intelligence Studies.

This interdisciplinary minor enables students to use a broad range of information to understand potential sources of risk and how to apply their understanding to enhance domestic and global security. Course offerings present a mix of tools for intelligence gathering in a framework that offers a critical evaluation of the use and misuse of intelligence gathering and tensions between security and civil liberties.

Students in this program will be able to:

  • Explain the intelligence gathering process in various national and historical contexts;
  • Write clearly, critically, and analytically about intelligence issues;
  • Demonstrate intermediate- to advanced-level language skills and/or cultural competence skills;
  • Make strong arguments that strike a defensible balance between security and privacy in the context of the American constitutional system.



Inquiries should be directed to Ava Majlesi (avamaj@rutgers.edu), Program Director for the Rutgers IC CAE Program/Minor in Critical Intelligence Studies.