Before reaching out for an advising appointment, please review the information below AND login to Degree Navigator (and enter the CIS minor code 205) to explore course options.

  • We are offering three sections of Introduction to Critical Intelligence Studies(292) and three section of Critical Thinking and Analytic Writing for the IC (483). 
    • Special permission numbers will not be provided for closed sections of 483. Please consider enrolling in an open section, or you will need to take the course in Fall 2024.
    • Students will not be able to register for 483 unless they have taken 292 and declared the CIS minor.  If you haven't done so already, you can declare the CIS minor HERE.


  • If you are looking for policy electives, here are some good options: Defense Policy (790:323 – fills up quickly every semester), Politics of National Security (790:366), American Foreign Policy (790:319), and Causes of War (790:324). If none of these courses fit in your schedule, please reach out to Professor Majlesi to discuss other options. For example, Political Economy of East Asia (790:313), Israeli Politics (790:352), or Arab Politics and Society (790:385) will satisfy the minor, but if you plan to pursue any of these courses, I’ll need to make an exception in Degree Navigator.  Again, please reach out to me if you’d like to discuss other course options. 


  • For students who need to complete their research or internship requirement (790:484 or 790:485) there are multiple options: 
    1. Section 1 of 790:484 is a guided independent study.  Students write a 20–25-page research paper over the course of the semester; there are assignments every couple of weeks that will get you to that final goal.  This course is asynchronous remote, but the expectation is that you will meet with the instructor by phone to discuss your topic and receive feedback throughout the semester. These phone calls will be scheduled with the instructor for a mutually convenient time. I strongly recommend that students complete 292, 483, and their other electives before registering for this course.
    2. Section 1 of 790:484 also has reserved spots for students selected to serve on research project teams.  These students will report to their project team advisor for research assignments and will not complete the 20-25 research paper. Applications for these research fellowships are open and students are accepted on a rolling basis.  These are competitive positions and great resume builders.  Applications are available HERE. Spring '24 may seem far away, but these opportunities are limited to a select group of students, so please apply early.
    3. Section 3 of 790:484 is reserved for NC Lab at Rutgers: cyber-social threat identification and forecasting center; enhance your open-source intelligence gathering skills in this cutting-edge opportunity. Students provide 10-15 hours of research support per week, including work in the Lab on Douglass Campus on Wednesdays from 10:20am-1:20pm. Research outside of class time takes place virtually. Apply HERE.
    4. 790:485 Internship in Critical Intelligence Studies: this course is asynchronous remote.  You must complete a minimum of 140 hours (160 hours for an "A" grade) at your internship and complete a 6-page paper at the end of the semester. Explore possible internship opportunities HERE. Options to consider include the NYU Global Security Operations Center and the Environmental Investigation Agency.

 Please feel free to reach out to Professor Majlesi if you need more individualized advising, but first be sure to read all of the information above and explore course options in Degree Navigator.