The Fall 2024 course schedule is now available.  CIS minors should keep the following information in mind when registering for courses:

If you need to complete the research or internship requirement (790:484 or 790:485) there are three options:

1. 01:790:484 is a guided independent study. Students write a 20–25-page research paper over the course of the semester; there are assignments every few weeks that will get you to that final goal.

  • This course is asynchronous remote, but the expectation is that you will meet with the instructor by phone to discuss your topic and receive feedback throughout the semester. These phone calls will be scheduled with the instructor for a mutually convenient time. Students should have completed 01:790:292 and 01:790:483 before registering for this course. Priority will be given to students who are graduating and need to complete the requirement before graduation.

2. Students selected to serve on research project teams may also register for 01:790:484.

  • Applications for these research fellowships will open in May 2024 and students are accepted on a rolling basis. These are competitive positions and great resume builders. 

3. 01:790:485 Internship in Critical Intelligence Studies: this course is asynchronous remote.

  • You must complete a minimum of 140 hours at your internship and complete a 6-page paper at the end of the semester. Explore internship opportunities HERE. You must reach out to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view determine whether your internship will satisfy the CIS minor requirements. ROTC students have used OCS to complete this requirement over the summer, and many private sector opportunities also satisfy the internship requirement, especially if you are a computer science or ITI major/minor. If you are unsure whether your internship will satisfy the CIS minor requirements, please reach out. You must register for the internship course during the same semester in which you are completing the internship.

The following courses are available in fall 2024 and will count as a policy elective (or possibly an area studies elective) for the Critical Intelligence Studies Minor:

  • 01:790:310 UK Politics
  • 01:790:319 Issues of American Foreign Policy
  • 01:790:320: Lessons from Europe
  • 01:790:322 Strategy in International Relations
  • 01:790:323 Defense Policy
  • 01:790:324 Causes of War
  • 01:790:327 International Political Economy
  • 01:790:342 Politics of Authoritarian Regimes
  • 01:790:351 Contemporary Politics in the Middle East
  • 01:790:361 International Organizations
  • 01:790:364 Global Order
  • 01:790:366 Politics of National Security
  • 01:790:386 Pol Change China
  • 01:790:457 Islamic Law & Jurisprudence

    Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.with any questions.