Spotlight on the Intelligence Community: Language Competencies for Intelligence Community Careers

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The University of Arizona College of Applied Science & Technology

The University of Arizona Intelligence Community Center for Academic Excellence program hosts a panel on Spotlight on the Intelligence Community:  “Language Competencies for Intelligence Community Careers”, on November 1, 0930-11AM Arizona Time,  flyer attached.  The intent is to raise awareness of the many cross disciplinary facets of intelligence.  We realized that many of our students don’t realize that language competency is a precious commodity in the IC and that there are fascinating careers available for them.  Arizona mandates 2 years of a foreign language for the degree program, and within our Intelligence & Information Operation program, we run a study abroad that includes language immersion (it is a hybrid program, this year we are repeating our trip to Barcelona).  We want to invite interested students to attend these events, and if they are interested in careers in the Intelligence Community or in corporate America as a cyber or intelligence practitioner, they may be interested in applying for the Intelligence Community Scholar program.  Again, individuals with critical language skills are sought after by the security establishment writ large, whether corporate or government.

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