Annual Colloquium

2022 IC CAE Colloquium Series: Artificial Intelligence for Intelligence Analysis (AI4IA)

2021 Critical Technology Studies Speaker Series: Viral Disinformation and How Anti-Vaccine Propaganda Spreads Across Virtual and Real-World Networks

2020 Critical Technology Studies Speaker Series

2020 Rutgers IC CAE Colloquium: Intelligence Excellence: The Value of Diversity and Cultural Insight

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2019 Rutgers IC CAE Colloquium: Building Resilience in the New Threat Paradigm: Targeted Violence Against People of Faith

2018 Rutgers IC CAE Colloquium: The Continuing Threat of Mass Casualty Attacks - The Role of Intelligence Analysts in Prevention and Response Efforts

2017 Rutgers IC CAE Colloquium: Social Media and its Impact on Crime, Law Enforcement and National Security

2016 Rutgers IC CAE Colloquium: Homeland Security and Intelligence for the Healthcare and Public Health Sector

2015 Rutgers IC CAE Colloquium: Developing Community-Based Strategies to Prevent Targeted Violence and Mass Casualty Attacks